How Can I Stop My Phone Charger From Getting Unplugged By Pets?

Never Again Worry About Your Charger Falling Victim to Prying Paws

Are frolicsome pets constantly turning your phone charger into a plaything? The stress of keeping chargers intact amidst our pet's playful antics is a challenge many pet owners know all too well. Yet, safeguarding our phone chargers from the curious paws and fangs of our furry friends doesn't have to be a constant battle.

Table of Contents

  • Understanding Charger Unplugging by Pets
  • Assessing the Risk to Pets and Your Tech
  • Permaplug to the Rescue: The Ultimate Solution
  • User Experiences: The Permaplug Difference
  • Installing Your Permaplug
  • Additional Tips for Pet Owners
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion

Key Takeaways

  • Discover innovative solutions to protect your phone charger from curious pets.
  • Learn how Permaplug's unique design guards against unplugging and damage.
  • Understand the ease of installation and how it benefits households with pets.

Understanding Charger Unplugging by Pets

Every pet owner knows that our animal companions can be unpredictable. From cats that see dangling cords as toys, to dogs who may trip over or chew on low-hanging charger cables, the struggle is real.

Assessing the Risk to Pets and Your Tech

An unprotected charger poses several risks. Your tech could be damaged, and there's the ever-present concern for your pet's well-being - a chewed cable can lead to an electric shock.

Permaplug to the Rescue: The Ultimate Solution

Now comes a true game-changer: Permaplug. This innovative device locks your charger into an outlet and prevents the cable from drooping within reach of mischievous pets.

Safeguarding Your Tech in a Pet-Friendly Way

Unlike ad-hoc preventative measures, Permaplug offers a professional, pet-friendly solution to keep your chargers safe and sound. Learn more about how it effortlessly combines charger safety with an elegant design.

Engineering Brilliance at Play: How Permaplug Works

The US-patented technology behind Permaplug ensures your charger stays exactly where you need it. Discover more about the engineering that makes Permaplug a reliable ally against pet-induced unplugging.

Design that Deters: Preventing Unplugging and Damage

Permaplug's design features vertical cable exit which not only secures the charger in place but also minimizes wear and tear. It's the perfect solution to a problem that almost every pet owner faces. Read on to find how Permaplug could be the end of this widespread annoyance.

User Experiences: The Permaplug Difference

Join countless satisfied customers who've said goodbye to charger woes. Permaplug's introduction into households has meant that stories of chewed and missing chargers are a thing of the past. Explore some success stories from those who have welcomed this innovation into their homes.

Installing Your Permaplug

Installation is straightforward, ensuring your chargers are protected quickly and effortlessly. In a matter of minutes, you can safeguard your technology from playful pets. Here's a comprehensive guide on installing your Permaplug.

The Battle of the Chargers: A Permaplug Story

Emma, a cat owner, used to find her charger unplugged or chewed every other week. Tired of replacing cables and concerned for her cat's safety, she searched for a solution and found Permaplug. It was a turning point that brought peace and safety to her home.

Relieved, Emma could now leave her charger in a reachable spot, knowing her cat wouldn't turn it into a plaything. Permaplug not only protected her tech but also provided a deterrent for her curious feline. No more surprise disconnections during important calls, no more chewed cables to replace.

Permaplug stood as a guardian, ensuring Emma's phone was charged for the next day. Meanwhile, her cat found other toys to play with - those intended for pets, and far safer.

Additional Tips for Pet Owners

Apart from using Permaplug, there are several measures to enhance pet safety and protect your chargers. Such as organizing cables and keeping chargers out of sight when not in use.


How does Permaplug specifically protect my phone charger from pets?

Permaplug's locking design fixes the charger securely to the outlet, preventing pets from easily pulling out the cord or playing with it.

Is Permaplug complicated to install?

No, Permaplug's design allows for a quick and easy installation that doesn't require professional assistance. Find installation tips here.

Can Permaplug be used for chargers other than phone chargers?

Yes, Permaplug is versatile and can be used for various types of chargers, ensuring all your devices are safe from pet interference.


In conclusion, as much as we love our pets, their playful nature can wreak havoc on our phone chargers. Fortunately, innovative solutions like Permaplug come to the rescue, ensuring our chargers remain intact and our pets safe. It's a win-win for tech and pet lovers alike.

Ready to end the charger tug-of-war with your pets? Secure your peace of mind by getting your own Permaplug today at our website or find us on Amazon. Say goodbye to pet-induced phone charger mishaps and hello to uninterrupted charging convenience.

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