Permaplug Charger Lock: Revolutionizing Phone Charging in North America

Permaplug Charger Lock, the definitive solution in the phone charging sector across the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Designed for every phone user, especially those cohabiting with others, our patented technology ensures your charger remains secure, steadfast, and functional – eliminating frequent replacements and safeguarding your cables. Our breakthrough product, branded as "the last charger you'll ever buy," boasts three state-of-the-art components: Permaplug Outlet Cover: A pioneering replacement for your standard outlet cover, meticulously engineered to securely lock in the charger and cable, regardless of external tugging. Permaplug Charger: A robust 20W fast charger featuring both USBC and USBA inputs. Its unique design snugly fits within the Permaplug Outlet Cover, offering a connection that stands unyielding against disconnections. Permaplug Charging Cables: Crafted for resilience with a thicker base, these cables ensure durability and a perfect fit. Set apart by our promise of lifetime reliability, Permaplug eliminates the constant drain on consumers' wallets by obviating the need for recurrent charger replacements. Featured on platforms like MarketWatch, Fox,, Growing Businesses, and the Daily Mail, our acclaim doesn’t stop at the user base. Our successful Kickstarter campaign and the expertise of co-founder Zak Jones, an illustrious entrepreneur with a track record of launching successful tech ventures, underscores our credibility and commitment. As a USA-based brand shipping from Dallas, Texas, our cornerstones are safety, transparency, and unequivocal customer satisfaction, fortified by a steadfast money-back guarantee. Join us in our journey as we expand, with patents pending across Europe and Asia. Key Terms: Phone charger lock, charger lock to outlet, non-removable charger, charger lock, Permaplug charger lock, charger secure, locked phone charger, locksocket, lock to socket.
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